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Big Data an Healthcare Advancing the Nursing Practice

There has been a lot of effort driven towards leveraging big data, to support clinical decisions in nursing. Nurses require real-time information to make timely, critical decisions at point-of-care. The ability to integrate and analyze disparate data, and make sense of them with speed and accuracy in order to positively impact outcomes, is no small feat.

Working in healthcare organizations with complex IT landscapes, and networks with multiple clinical, financial, and claims systems that must be integrated is merely the tip of the iceberg of the big data challenge. Big data can support improved decision making by offering a comprehensive and synthesized understanding of patients, nurses and organizations. Read more

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Millennial-Friendly Workplace for Hospitals and the entire Health Care Industry

The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a hallmark of successful people and organizations. Today, industries are grappling with a workforce shift as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials begin to step into their shoes. In the healthcare sector, the challenges brought about by this shift are likely to be exacerbated due to an increase in demand for services as a consequence of the aging Baby Boomers. Healthcare will experience a brain drain as its most experienced nurses are replaced with those with less experience. Read more