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Nursing and Nursing Education Podcast

Come into a class with some experience and you say, “Oh, well yeah, that’s how it looks in the book, but I’ve seen it this way” and you kind of get shot down.

John:                     What’s up everybody? Awesome episode today. Today, I am talking with Ben and Greg from the Real Talk School of Nursing podcast. If you guys haven’t listened to this podcast yet, it is a lot of fun. It’s Real Talk School of Nursing and Ben and Greg are EMTs who then went to nursing school and they share their stories. They talk very openly, very frankly about their journey in nursing. So once you’ve listened to this episode, head over to iTunes or Stitch or Google Play, wherever you’re at and just search Real Talk School of Nursing and make sure you subscribe. These guys are a lot of fun. They’re very awesome. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere on social media @RealTalkSchoolofNursing or @RealTalkNursing. So, be sure to check these guys out. It’s Ben and Greg with Real Talk Nursing. Read more