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Nurse Practitioner Battle is back on in Pennsylvania

Debate about the role of nurse practitioners is heating up again in Pennsylvania, as a Senate committee approved a proposal similar to one that stalled after being approved by the full Senate last year.

Currently, nurse practitioners are required to have collaborative agreements with two doctors. Senate Bill 25 and House Bill 100 propose to lift that requirement and allow them to practice on their own after logging 3,600 hours under a collaborative agreement.  Read more

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Rough Salary Figures for Careers in Records Management

Records management is essentially an administrative duty. It entails the creation, classification, organization and retention of documented information. This may include anything from personnel files and office documents to patient files and medical imaging records. Salaries vary by position.

Entry-Level Salaries

Those just entering the field of records and information management may start out as a records clerk. Employers typically seek candidates with an associate degree or higher to fill open positions, but a high school diploma may be enough to get your foot in the door. As of 2012, records clerks averaged $37,750 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a decrease of roughly 1 percent from the previous year, when salaries averaged $38,180. For those with experience, however, salaries can exceed $52,590.

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