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Nurse Practitioner Battle is back on in Pennsylvania

Debate about the role of nurse practitioners is heating up again in Pennsylvania, as a Senate committee approved a proposal similar to one that stalled after being approved by the full Senate last year.

Currently, nurse practitioners are required to have collaborative agreements with two doctors. Senate Bill 25 and House Bill 100 propose to lift that requirement and allow them to practice on their own after logging 3,600 hours under a collaborative agreement.  Read more

Canadian specialized nurses will be allowed to work on U.S. visas

DETROIT — U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has apparently reversed a misinterpretation of visa rulesthat had put at risk the ability of highly specialized Canadian registered nurses to work in hospitals in Detroit and other cities along the northern border.

Last week, Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System sounded an alarm after hearing Canadian nurses had been denied renewals of a NAFTA-related TN visa that allows nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists from Canada to more easily cross the border for work at American health systems. Read more