Physician and nurse engagement: From concept to collaboration

In today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s crucial for all members of the healthcare team to work together in a collaborative, collegial manner in an effort to provide the best patient care. Physicians and nurses play a prominent role in this process. On the surface, the idea of physicians and nurses working well together seems straightforward, but in reality, things are not quite so simple. Read more

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Ready, set, go…to school!

With 79.6% of employers now requiring or having a strong preference for nurses with a baccalaureate degree and a growing demand for nurses, there’s no better time to return to school. Read more

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Nursing Workforce Vacancies Reach Record High in Missouri

Medical community, educators exploring options. Nurses have been called the heart of health care, and it’s not hard to see why.

“When you’re in the hospital, the person that you’re seeing the most is the nurse,” said Dennis Manley, chief nursing officer for Mercy Hospital Joplin. “It’s typically the nurse who will be with you at the bedside, taking care of your needs.”

They are often the “eyes and ears” of providers, continually checking in and assessing patients. They also are the people who offer comfort and compassion to patients and their families when things become difficult.

“To say they are an important part of the health care setting is not reflective of the work that they do,” said April Bennett, vice president of nursing services at Freeman Health System. “Nurses are an integral and necessary part of the health care setting.” Read more

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Top 4 Tips for Nursing Job Hunters

Research and prepare your profile. Develop a contact network. Set your bar high and work to achieve it.Choose the best partner for your career advancement. Developed by industry experts, consists of innovative tools and practical guidance for career enhancement strategies. Read more

10 Top High-Paying Jobs in 2030

Don’t believe the hype that robots will replace most jobs by the end of the next decade. And don’t think that futuristic-sounding occupations like body-part makers and climate-change reversal specialists will be big by then, either.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projections for jobs that will see a lot of growth by 2024. We took those growth estimates and extended them through 2030 for jobs that currently pay at least $50,000. Here are the top 10 jobs in 2030 ranked by the estimated total U.S. employment for each position.    Read more

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Despite expected nursing shortage, Decatur fortunate with options

DECATUR — Nurses fulfill so many health care roles, it’s hard to imagine ever having enough, but the shortfall could soon be acute. Illinois could be short more than 21,000 nurses by the year 2020, according to the Illinois Center for Nursing.

Some lawmakers are pushing a solution to help the state by allowing community colleges to award bachelor’s degrees in nursing. With Richland Community College, Millikin University and other four-year institutions nearby with cooperative agreements, the Decatur area appears to be fortunate with its options already.

“Not all areas are as blessed as we are,” said Ellen Colbeck, health professions dean at Richland. “Some areas in the state, it’s important with the nursing shortage. For students who need to get a job, I understand the urgency.” Read more

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Travel Nurse

If you’ve been working as a nurse for more than a minute, chances are you’ve heard the term travel nurse or worked with one. But while you may be aware of travel nursing, you may be uncertain about the pay, lifestyle, and how to go about becoming a travel nurse. This article looks at the current state of travel nursing and describes how to enter this adventurous side of nursing.

A travel nurse (commonly called a traveler) is someone who takes temporary nursing work or assignments lasting from 4 weeks to 6 months or even more. The most common duration is 13 weeks. These assignments may be local or hundreds or even thousand of miles from your home. You choose the location where you want to work and are obligated only for the term of your contract. Many travelers extend their contracts if they like the location and the facility has a continuing need for them. Read more

Nursing Education Podcast

Nursing and Nursing Education Podcast

Come into a class with some experience and you say, “Oh, well yeah, that’s how it looks in the book, but I’ve seen it this way” and you kind of get shot down.

John:                     What’s up everybody? Awesome episode today. Today, I am talking with Ben and Greg from the Real Talk School of Nursing podcast. If you guys haven’t listened to this podcast yet, it is a lot of fun. It’s Real Talk School of Nursing and Ben and Greg are EMTs who then went to nursing school and they share their stories. They talk very openly, very frankly about their journey in nursing. So once you’ve listened to this episode, head over to iTunes or Stitch or Google Play, wherever you’re at and just search Real Talk School of Nursing and make sure you subscribe. These guys are a lot of fun. They’re very awesome. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere on social media @RealTalkSchoolofNursing or @RealTalkNursing. So, be sure to check these guys out. It’s Ben and Greg with Real Talk Nursing. Read more