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Nursing Workforce Vacancies Reach Record High in Missouri

Medical community, educators exploring options. Nurses have been called the heart of health care, and it’s not hard to see why.

“When you’re in the hospital, the person that you’re seeing the most is the nurse,” said Dennis Manley, chief nursing officer for Mercy Hospital Joplin. “It’s typically the nurse who will be with you at the bedside, taking care of your needs.”

They are often the “eyes and ears” of providers, continually checking in and assessing patients. They also are the people who offer comfort and compassion to patients and their families when things become difficult.

“To say they are an important part of the health care setting is not reflective of the work that they do,” said April Bennett, vice president of nursing services at Freeman Health System. “Nurses are an integral and necessary part of the health care setting.” Read more

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Top 4 Tips for Nursing Job Hunters

Research and prepare your profile. Develop a contact network. Set your bar high and work to achieve it.Choose the best partner for your career advancement. Developed by industry experts, consists of innovative tools and practical guidance for career enhancement strategies. Read more

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Despite expected nursing shortage, Decatur fortunate with options

DECATUR — Nurses fulfill so many health care roles, it’s hard to imagine ever having enough, but the shortfall could soon be acute. Illinois could be short more than 21,000 nurses by the year 2020, according to the Illinois Center for Nursing.

Some lawmakers are pushing a solution to help the state by allowing community colleges to award bachelor’s degrees in nursing. With Richland Community College, Millikin University and other four-year institutions nearby with cooperative agreements, the Decatur area appears to be fortunate with its options already.

“Not all areas are as blessed as we are,” said Ellen Colbeck, health professions dean at Richland. “Some areas in the state, it’s important with the nursing shortage. For students who need to get a job, I understand the urgency.” Read more

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Online Nursing Program via Duquesne University and Pearson partnership

Duquesne University has partnered with Pearson Education, a worldwide education publishing and assessment company, to expand access to its online nursing degrees.

The partnership will focus on Duquesne’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN-BSN completion, Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs, where Pearson will offer comprehensive online program management services, including marketing, recruitment, student support, help desk support, and student retention services.

“Partnering with Pearson will enable Duquesne University to rapidly bolster our existing, nationally ranked nursing program and significantly expand the reach of our School of Nursing,” said Mary Ellen Glasgow, dean and professor of the Duquesne University School of Nursing, in a statement. “In doing so, we’ll be well positioned to prepare a greater number of nurses to become expert clinicians and health care leaders dedicated to improving the overall quality of patient care in the rapidly changing profession of nursing.” Read more

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Growing Healthcare Industry creates Nursing Career Paths

Projections for healthcare jobs are above average for the next few years. If you have been contemplating a career in nursing or the healthcare field, or are looking to advance your current healthcare career, the time is right.

In 2012, experts predicted a nursing shortage, projecting about 1 million new nurse positions opening by 2020. Even with more than 3 million registered nurses currently employed growing, there will not be enough trained nurses to meet future demands. The reason is simple: the Baby Boomer population is aging, and 700,000 nurses are expected to retire by 2024. For those interested in a nursing or related career, however, this is a boon, providing open positions. Add to this that, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, nurses in 2012 made about $65,400 on average. The job market outlook for new nurses, or those looking to move, is highly favourable. Read more

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Nurse Practitioner Battle is back on in Pennsylvania

Debate about the role of nurse practitioners is heating up again in Pennsylvania, as a Senate committee approved a proposal similar to one that stalled after being approved by the full Senate last year.

Currently, nurse practitioners are required to have collaborative agreements with two doctors. Senate Bill 25 and House Bill 100 propose to lift that requirement and allow them to practice on their own after logging 3,600 hours under a collaborative agreement.  Read more

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More informatics experience means more money for nurses

One of the great things about the HIMSS Annual Conference and Expo is the amount of research and revelations to come from the organization each February or so. For those who track the day-to-day happenings of healthcare, HIMSS provides a cornucopia of information and an Easter basket full of goodies in regard to data that’s ready for consumption.

Generally, the data sets are fairly sound; not always. For the weary of mind, perhaps some of the HIMSS research data needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but most times there are jewels. Read more

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Nursing and Nursing Education Podcast

Come into a class with some experience and you say, “Oh, well yeah, that’s how it looks in the book, but I’ve seen it this way” and you kind of get shot down.

John:                     What’s up everybody? Awesome episode today. Today, I am talking with Ben and Greg from the Real Talk School of Nursing podcast. If you guys haven’t listened to this podcast yet, it is a lot of fun. It’s Real Talk School of Nursing and Ben and Greg are EMTs who then went to nursing school and they share their stories. They talk very openly, very frankly about their journey in nursing. So once you’ve listened to this episode, head over to iTunes or Stitch or Google Play, wherever you’re at and just search Real Talk School of Nursing and make sure you subscribe. These guys are a lot of fun. They’re very awesome. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere on social media @RealTalkSchoolofNursing or @RealTalkNursing. So, be sure to check these guys out. It’s Ben and Greg with Real Talk Nursing. Read more